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Why Do We Need To Match Horoscope

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As we all know that India is a traditional country and a more or less conservative society we still believe in arranged marriages even today in the 21st century. The most common drawback in arranged marriage is the lack of full information about the bride/groom. We need a base to accept or reject the matrimonial offer and this is where astrology comes in to your help and this way the ancient time tested science of matching horoscopes reveals to us the personality of our would be life partner.

Matching horoscope is a reliable tool of astrology and it can be easily used. Horoscope matching tells about the compatibility of the two. We get to know the general personalized information about an individual by making his horoscope and if we match it with the other one it give us the compatibility position of the two. In horoscope matching 36 gunas are to be matched. Some gunas(qualities) are very important to match because these are the base of a successful marriage. Out of 36, eight gunas are highly important to be matched; if these eight gunas or any of them is not matched then the further process of matchmaking becomes worthless.

The eight gunas represent different features of bride/groom those important to handle a successful marriage life i.e.

  • Gan: which represents the basic nature of the person.
  • Nadi: Which represents the productive power of the two when they comes together.
  • Yoni: It represents the bedroom compatibility of the two partners.
  • Grahmatri: It represents the understanding between the two etc.

The next step in the process is considering "Manglik Dosham". Manglik Dosham has supermacy in itself because if manglik is not matched then it can be the reason to reject the the proposal. Whether a person is manglik or not is judged by the lagan kundali and a manglik can marry another manglik only.

Other than these thirty six gunas the lagan kundli is also matched. The lagan swami (Owner) is the owner of the person means lagan represents the basic look and basic nature of a person. Then the swami of seventh house is also matched because in janam kundli seventh house represents the file partner in your kundli then the moon sign and moon kundli is also matched with the would be partner.

All the above studies has been done with very minute precision so if the birth date, birth time and birth place provided to an astrologer is right and the astrologer knows his work very well then the result is up to the mark.

You can use this tool of astrology not only for matchmaking but also for making match with the mother-in-law or sister-in-law or to anyone who is creating difficulties in relations. The match making can also be applied to would be business partners or employees in the office who is creating problems for you.

The match making is not just important to arranged marriages but it also has great importance for love marriages. As we all know the success rate of love marriages is very low the reason behind this fact can be anything. In love marriages the one thing that is important is love and all the other things has been ignored but if match making has been done before love marriage then surely the success rate of love marriage Increases.

Match making is an important precursor for a marriage because it helps in making adjustments for a successful marriage.

So if you are searching for your soul mate or a love partner, then before you take the plunge get the maximum benefit with this knowledge about match making.


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