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Beauty by Astrology

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Astrology is not just about predicting future; it is more than that, with the help of astrology we can get to know about the personality, behavior, outlook, family, life partner, money and many more aspects of a person. This is made possible by horoscope reading (Lagan Kundli) of a person.

As we all know that the nine planets are the main components of astrology and when these are placed in twelve houses then it makes the horoscope or lagan kundli of person. The twelve houses represent different aspects of a human being while the nine planets also represent different traits of a human life.

So what do we need to do to know about the outlook of a person? Its easy, just consult a good astrologer and get a sneek peek into the way the things are or even the history of the things to come.

According to astrology , a women’s beauty is ruled out by the Moon, Venus, Mercury & Saturn and a man’s beauty depends on the situation of the Sun and Mars in lagan kundli.Nevertheless every planet plays an important role to make a person beautiful and every planet focusses on some feature which influences the beauty of a person . Some of these features with the corresponding planets are listed below:
  • Moon:- Softness and glows
  • Mars:- Attractiveness and Sanguine (Reddish) body
  • Mercury: Good communication skills and sweet voice
  • Jupiter: Attractive face with good features
  • Venus: Overall beauty
  • Saturn: Large shaped eyes, slim body, black heavy hairs
The first house is the most important house that defines the beauty of a person so :
  • If Venus is in the first house and is not affected by bad planets then the person is naturally beautiful.
  • If Venus and Saturn both are placed in first house then body will be slim and glowing
  • If Sun and Venus are in first house then hair will be smooth, silky and shiny
  • If Sun, Venus and mercury are in first house the hair would be curly
  • If Venus, Moon and Saturn are together in first house then the person has a attractive face and a head full of black soft and silky hair
Now we talk about the combination of the two or three planets.

If good planets are accompanied by the cruel planets then it results in the person having a slim body and the combination of good planets gives a flabby body.

If some good planets are placed in the second and twelfth house then the eyes of the person are attractive and of different kind , however if Saturn is also placed in second or twelfth house with any good planet then the eyes would be big.

The combination of the Sun and Venus gives the heavy lips and attractive face and if Jupiter is also there with them then the person is going to have a beautiful nose.

If the moon is placed in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sign then the lower body portion is beautiful and if moon is accompanied by some cruel planet then the beauty is further enhanced.

If Mercury is placed in Virgo sign then it causes slimness on the upper back or with Saturn it gives more slimness on the same place.

If Moon is riding high on power in lagan kundli then it gives beautiful smile.

Saturn - the main planet that showers beauty.

Saturn has an authority over the beautiful people if Saturn is in Sagittarius or Capricorn then the legs will be beautiful .Saturn however has one shortcoming in that it only has beauty in black or wheatish color.

If Jupiter is placed in Pieces along with Mars then it means soft and red feet with beautiful nails.

A single or a combination of two or three planets which in a horoscope mainly affect a person’s beauty and the influence is prominent on that part of body which is associated to the special planet.


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